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DIY Home Water Features

    Home Fountain

    • Fountains add dimension to a landscape.water fountain image by Vanessa van Rensburg from Fotolia.com

      Create a simple DIY home water feature with a decorative table-top fountain. A sealed planter, bowl, vase or any water-tight container large enough to house a small submersible pump can work as the reservoir for your table-top fountain. For example, place the pump in at least an 8-inch diameter bowl, attach a fountainhead, camouflage the pump with decorative stones and you have a table top fountain. The same construction principle applies to larger indoor or outdoor fountains. Select a suitable size container and a larger capacity fountain pump. Direct the water with tubing from any part of the fountain design.

    Water Wall

    • A water wall stands out as distinctive home water feature. Make one in a weekend. Construct the water wall with a large rectangular planter as the reservoir and a sheet of acrylic or glass as the water wall design. Cover one side of marine plywood with ceramic or metal tiles to create a more intricate design for the water feature. Use a submersible waterfall pump to force the water from the reservoir on the floor to the top of the water wall. Plastic or copper tubing channels the flow. Install a water wall indoors or outdoors in a place you'd like hear the soothing sounds of water trickling. Make sure to brace the water wall at the top of the wall with brackets to prevent it from toppling forward.

    Garden Pond

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