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How to Decorate a Lobby for a Wedding Reception

    • 1). Decorate the exterior of the doors leading into the lobby. Embellish two wreaths with clusters of wedding flowers and a tulle bow. Display one on each door. Wrap strings of white mini-lights around potted topiaries and set one on each side of the entry to greet your guests.

    • 2). Position tall potted ficus trees throughout the lobby. Decorate each tree with mini-lights and tie a large tulle bow tied with long streamers under the foliage. Wire blossoms to some of the branches. Add a generous amount of sheet moss around the base of the trunks and insert flowers into the moss.

    • 3). Place a large easel in a prominent space to display a framed collage that chronicles the bride's and groom's lives. Create an elaborate easel by attaching sprigs of flowers and greens around the top and attach a tulle or florist's bow above the collage.

    • 4). Add a water feature to the lobby. Cover a table with a crisp floor-length white linen cloth. Drape tulle over the linen and set a fountain on top. Arrange flowers, mixed greens and battery operated tea lights around the base of the fountain. Float blossoms or petals in the water.

    • 5). Hang wide swags with streamers of gathered tulle over the tops of the doors leading into the reception room. Trail long panels of tulle from the swag to the floor on both sides of the doorway. This will create a soft and romantic entry to the reception.

    • 6). Suspend white birch branches over tables. Spray each branch with florist's clear glitter. Wrap the branch with battery operated mini-lights and wire fresh or faux blossoms and greens to it for added color.

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