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Home Based Biz Vs Real Online Job

Let's get ready to rumble...
With the economy the way it has been and job security a question mark, people are searching for ways to make money that will replace their present income.
Mainly, these searches involve working at home.
Needless to say, hundreds of people and company's are springing up to capitalize on this trend like never before.
But there needs to be a distinction between what is a home based business and what is an online job.
The differences are who you are working for, and what type of "work" you are doing.
In the typical home based business, you are working a "program" and splitting the profits with whoever sponsored you into it and of course the program originator.
In an online job, you are the sole bread winner.
The company you work for, of course, makes money but not at your expense.
As for the type of "work" you are doing, in a program it's mostly advertising your site to other opportunity seekers.
While working at home in a real online job could be data entry, assembling products, typing, writing copy, administrative work, and much more.
You get to choose what you want to do.
Now there is nothing wrong with working one of those "programs" as long as you pick the right one, and understand that there is cash involved.
You wont have that thousands of dollars a week income in just a few days.
A testimonial from one young marketer said he was excited two months after starting just to get the $200 a month he was making because it showed him it was possible to make money online.
It takes time and work.
Any program that says otherwise is suspect.
However, with a real online job, your paycheck depends entirely on you.
You are the boss.
You decide how much work you are going to do and when.
You can use one of these to get the cash coming in so that you can work one of those big money programs and also to match your current income so you can go full time.
Full time is what you need if you want to make the money that they are talking about in those ads.
So, work a "job" that you like an using the profits for a home based program may be an option for those newcomers and for people who have been doing this for years.
It has been difficult finding this kind of work until recently with company listing these kinds of job openings.
You no longer have to read emails to complete offers for pennies or a few dollars.
you can make a full time income.
Working from home is a reality for everyone i you are willing to find the job and do the work.

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