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LNG Operated Trucks, New Step Towards Eco-Friendly Mining

Invention of petroleum products as fuel was a real revolution that changed the fate of the world.
In due course it has replaced coal to a great extent.
Unfortunately, we never thought that like any other natural source, the treasure of petroleum also will get exhausted one day leaving us in great dilemma.
Many scientists and experts conducted various researches to find out an alternative to be used as fuel.
Though, electricity, solar power etc has come, they all got certain limits.
There are certain practical problems in using these energy sources in vehicles.
However the continued researches proved natural gas as an effective alternative for petroleum products as a fuel for vehicles.
This invention again was a great revolution as it limited the use of petrol and diesel to a great extent.
Moreover, the vehicles using natural gas are emitting less carbon than the petrol or diesel vehicles.
Thus the use of natural gas turned to be nature friendly too.
At a time when we all are facing serious threats from global warming and other environmental issues, this news is a relief too.
However, there are several other practical problems for using natural gas as fuel in existing vehicles.
The first one was the financial burden in converting the vehicles to suit the use of natural gas.
Second one is that this new fuel is not as strong as the conventional fuels such as petrol and diesel.
It could not be used in vehicles plying in areas of high altitudes.
Anyway the continued researches are started showing good results.
Now Shell, one of the leading petroleum and natural gas processing companies is planning to use natural gas as fuel in trucks used in mining.
This move has come at a time when the manufacturers of mining and drilling equipments are turning eco-friendly.
When they used to talk about exploiting the natural sources, now they are mentioning to use the treasure stored by the Mother Nature more wisely.
They are making several changes in the original design of various tools and equipments so that the impact in the surroundings will be lesser.
According to them, human beings have the right on the natural resources but the same should not be on the cost of nature itself.
With the use of natural gas (LNG) in trucks plying in mining areas, the efforts to make mining an eco-friendly activity will go a step further.
Initially BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are planning to implement this new technology at their West Australian mines.
Many experiments in this regard are going on in Canada too.

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