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How to Clean Your Oriental or Persian Rug

    • 1). Vacuum the rug at least once weekly, or as often as needed to remove dirt. Only use the suction attachment, rather than the beater brush, as recommended by The Persian Carpet, Inc. Using the beater brush can destroy the fringe and diminish the pile of the carpet.

    • 2). Address spills immediately. Blot dry with a clean cloth. Apply club soda to the stained area and continue to blot with a clean cloth. Do not use a cleaning product on an Oriental or Persian carpet, as certain cleaning products may permanently damage the color. Allow the underside of the carpet to dry by flipping the edge of the carpet up to expose the wet area.

    • 3). Shampoo your Oriental or Persian carpet at home by laying it on a clean, outdoor surface, such as a swept patio. Use a garden hose to dampen the rug with cool water.

    • 4). Apply a carpet shampoo that is specifically indicated for Oriental or Persian rugs. Apply it to a small test area first to check for color running. Use more or less shampoo, depending on how large the rug is. Brush the rug with a soft brush in the direction of the nap. Rinse the rug thoroughly by spraying it with the garden hose until you no longer see soap suds. Use only cool water to avoid color running. Allow it to completely dry.

    • 5). Place a nonskid rug pad underneath the rug. These pads allow grit to pass through the pad to the floor, so that it does not abrade the underside of the rug. Rug pads can help prolong the life of your carpet and keep it cleaner.

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