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How to Be Attractive to Women - What She Doesn"t Want You to Know

Most men want to be attractive to women, but think that it may be impossible for them.
For a man, initial attraction is usually mostly about looks.
For a woman this is not nearly as true.
Looks can help, but it is not the biggest factor to attracting her.
Not even really close.
She is looking for much more than that.
This guide will show you what she is looking for.
So what are the ways to be attractive to women? First and foremost is being confident and sure of yourself.
Women will only know about you from what you project both consciously and unconsciously.
You want her to think that you are a successful and dominant.
It does not matter at what, just that you perceive yourself to be successful.
Females have a sense for a loser and subservient personalities; you must make her think you are a winner.
A dominant "Alpha Male".
This is very primal and is hardwired to the woman's brain; the most powerful male in the tribe gets the girls.
You do not have to go out and fight the other men for control anymore (and the more modern side of most women's brains will be disgusted if you do) but you have to give the impression that you are dominant and in control.
If you want women to be like you, you must like yourself No one likes someone who cannot like themselves.
You need to develop a positive self image.
You need to place value on yourself, so that others can value you.
If you act like she would be doing you a favor by going out with you, why should she.
You need to be able to make her think that you are doing her a favor by going out.
Then she will want you.
This does not mean that you need to be cocky and arrogant, just that you need to value yourself and have some worth.

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