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World Religions and the Culture Clash

Will the World ever get along with all these different viewpoints and all this animosity? Or is it simply no use and the world of Western and Middle Eastern can never be one.
Constantly caught in a Culture Clash with a them VS us mentality and the killing never stops? Which is why in hindsight the Rand Corporation out your way was not so far off in their solution and although a horrific and frightening suggestion this problem indeed would never have existed.
Pretend I did not say that.
Next thought; Remember the Christian Convert from Islam who went to his beheading court trial? Why was he converting to Christianity? Were there missionaries over there attempting to convert; if so why? It is really not the time or place for that now.
Religious freedom is cool; no religion might be better.
But this issue is not going to end.
Religious freedom is loved by Muslims in the US and other places, but unfortunately it is not reciprocated.
Maybe we should bring in big cargo ships to all the Indonesian islands and work our way into their hearts by giving them more free stuff? Pretend I did not say that either.
Does it really matter which invisible friend you choose? I mean Santa Clause, Easter bunny, Mohammed, Jesus, The Voodoo witchdoctor from above; to me any of it is problematic and religion is preventing the human race from pressing on and achieving forward progression.
Maybe we need to rethink human religions all together? Consider this in 2006.

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