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How to Live in a Small Room With a Queen-Sized Bed

    • 1). Paint the walls a light color to give the room an open feeling. Dark colors absorb light and the room appears smaller than its actual size.

    • 2). Paint trim and wall molding a lighter color than the walls. Light trim makes the wall appear further away.

    • 3). Attach wall shelves and use in place of a nightstand and headboard. Use the shelf space for a clock, reading material or other items that would ordinarily be placed on a nightstand.

    • 4). Slide plastic bins underneath the bed for added storage. Place shoes, handbags or seasonal clothing inside covered bins and keep them out of sight and free from dust.

    • 5). Select small pieces of furniture and keep the design simple. Ornate designs beg for attention rather than blend into the room.

    • 6). Hang a mirror on the wall to reflect light and add depth to the room. Attach a mirror to a dresser if that is an option.

    • 7). Mount a sconce on the wall at both sides of the bed. Overhead and wall-mounted light fixtures alleviates using floor space for lamps.

    • 8). Cover windows with sheer curtains to allow sunlight to enter the room. Hang blinds to block out light as needed or for added privacy.

    • 9). Place small containers on the dresser top to hold keys, watches and other small items. Contained clutter will be less noticeable and the containers are good accent pieces.

    • 10

      Hang hooks over the door for everyday clothing, such as jeans or a jacket that may be worn a second time. Use the hooks for pajamas or a bathrobe rather than tossing on the bed.

    • 11

      Keep bed coverings simple and avoid large patterns. Use a maximum of three accessory pillows to adorn the bed.

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