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Nikon D3X: Things You Need To Know

D3X is phenomenal.
It is equipped with outstanding features which no doubt will overwhelm users and ultimately a big help in achieving works with remarkable and quality results.
The Nikon D3X is a high resolution professional grade full frame digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera offering an awesome resolution of 24.
5 megapixel which is being provided by 36 x 23.
9 mm CMOS sensor.
This is a big factor for tight cropping and large image format which ideally necessitate a high resolution.
The LCD monitor which measures 3.
0 inch 921k dot provides a clear, bright and accurate display.
Its menu system contains a set of superb stylish features.
For instance, D3X contains four types of shooting menu bank which you could configure to cater different shooting conditions.
The four menu banks are labeled by default as A, B, C and D which could be rename later via the internal keyboard.
The menu offers also easy and quick adjustment of the details for the four picture control which are: Standard, Neutral, Vivid and Monochrome.
Each control provides fine tuning options which include contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness and hue.
The good thing about it is that they are customizable and can be saved as well.
D3X offers two compact flash slots and they can be programmed or set which compact flash shall be dedicated for back up or storage for JPEGs whenever shooting RAW and JPEG.
The good thing about having a dual slot is basically the idea of overflow.
When mesmerized with the subject, the natural inclination is to shoot spontaneously.
Having a dual CF eases the worry of memory space.
By configuring the CF cards you could dedicate one slot for overflow once the other one is filled.
Programming the CF is provided for in the menu settings.
Furthermore, the camera has a live view feature which offers two options.
It can be handheld or tripod mode.
Handheld apply phase detection.
This requires the mirror to be flipped down for focusing and then be raised for shooting.
On the other hand, tripod mode uses contrast detection AF which requires the mirror to be positioned upward all throughout to avoid interruption in viewing.
This option of live view feature is ideal for shooting static subjects.
Among others, active d-lightning can now be controlled through the menu system.
The parameters include off, low, normal high and extra high.
Also vignette control and ISO noise reduction with a range of 50-6400 are readily accessible via menu setting.
Perhaps the most interesting feature about D3X is its optical viewfinder which offers 100% viewing.
And similar to the LCD, it is fantastically clear and bright.
D3X comes with CD which contains three applications.
The first is Nikon view NX which is a simple image browser and organizer.
This software allows you also to convert RAW to JPEG with adjustment of exposure compensation and picture control.
The second one is Nikon transfer which basically is an automated transfer of images from the camera or card reader to a personal computer or laptop.
And the third one is Nikon Capture NX which is a RAW development application.
All of the three softwares are compatible with Windows and Mac operating system.

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