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Finding a Nice Within a Niche.
In Step 1 I told you to look for a high paying keyword using Overture's bid tool.
To make it easier for you to understand I'll choose a high paying keyword and I'll show you the steps required to build you niche site.
I used "data recovery" as my main high paying keyword ( the highest bid on Overture for this keyword is $7.
01 ).
Now, this means that people are spending decent amounts of money to get top placings.
We can assume that AdWords users bid in the same range(they usually pay more).
This is good news for us as our site will have high paying AdSense ads on it.
(If you don't know what is Google Adsense, don't worry - I will cover this in a later lesson).
Now all we have to do is find a niche within this niche.
What I mean by this is that we need to find a phrase that contains the main keyword, receives decent traffic but it hasn't as much competition as "data recovery" (over 44 million competing sites).
To do this we are going to use 2 tools : Overture's Keyword Selector Tool(http://inventory.
) and a great resource found at http://www.
First, we will use the keyword selector tool to see how many times our main keyword was searched for on Yahoo last month.
It will also give us other keyphrases that contain our main keyword.
We type in "data recovery" and wait for the results.
The main keyword as you can see, was searched 174416 times last month.
As I showed you earlier this is a very competitive niche and we don't stand a chance to get a first page ranking.
So instead of using "data recovery", we analyze the results until we find a keyphrase that receives decent traffic (between 500 - 1000).
Let's choose "computer data recovery".
Now we will find out if this is a profitable AdSense niche, by going to http://nichetaxi.
and typing in our keyword and clicking on "ok".
After waiting a couple of seconds NicheTaxi tells us that this is "Not bad as a niche" (4 stars out of 5).
We have now found our niche within a niche and in the next installment of this guide I will show you how to create content for this niche, and publish it on a blog.

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