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Genealogy Maps Offer Us Excitement

Antique world map collectors are a group of people that have an interest in seeing the world as it has changed over ages.  Antique collectors are not only interested in watching history evolve through maps, but the quality of map making, as well.  Many map collectors also have an interest in historic military and cartography.

Maps have been used to help with the discovery and colonization of the world.  Antique world maps were often beautifully painted and made.  Historical map artists were very talented at drawing and painting landscapes with perfect detail.  Historic maps have evolved from the days of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, to Native American tribe territory drawings, and to the European drawings of their naval discoveries. 

Since then, historic maps have been drawing detailing the colonization of the United States of America.  Not only did the Native Americans draw maps of their tribes throughout the ages, but immigrants have been drawing detailed maps of boundaries and territories from the time they begin coming over here, throughout the Revolutionary, Mexican, and Civil Wars, to where we are today.

Because of these maps, many of us today are able to study the world as it was for our ancestors.  There are some who now collect historic maps to help them with genealogy projects.  Historic maps used along with old census records makes it easy to track our ancestors' moments over the years.  No matter what continent our ancestors originated from, genealogy maps gives us the ability to trace their footsteps all across the globe!  Those of us with Native American ancestry can follow them as they moved all around North and South America over the centuries.

The market for antique world maps is increasing with new buyers every year.  The excitement that historical and genealogy maps give us, for whatever reason(s), is spreading to others.  Historic maps truly give us an insight to not only our own family heritage, but the entire world's.

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