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Zodiac Signs And The Computer

Every zodiac sign has his own behaviour to deal with his computer. Look into this humoristic overview about the computer star signs .

People with the zodiac sign Aries need a very robust computer. He has to survive the betimes fit of rage of the impulsive Aries.

The Taurus likes to be on easy street. He loves tasty meals, a nice wine to drink and to relax. That s why the computer of the Taurus needs a broad case for his sweets and the small delicious finger food.

For the communicative Geminis the computer is very important to contact the whole world. They need internet to check one s emails, to chat and to accumulate knowledge. A computer without internet access is worthless for them.

Cancer are domestic and sensitive. But computer are this definitively not. For cancer, most of them are too ugly fot their comfortable ans lovely home.

Leos are sometimes a littlebit lazy. So it s obvious that it s not the Leo, who buys his own computer but rather his partner.

Virgos are hardworking, modest and intelligent. They know exactly which computer is the best and where they can get it cheaper.

Libras don t like decisions. That means a lot of work for the salesman. He has to present and explain every product. After a long time probably the Libra choose the most aesthtic computer.

The Scorpio is very passionate. If he has a computer with internet access, he will use it to search for potential love affairs.

Sagittarius are very spontaneous. When they decided to buy a new computer, it could happen, that they see on their way a horse and buy this instead of the computer.

Sometimes, people with the zodiac sign Capricorn can be very stingy. That s why most of them have only old computer and will buy someone new only, when the old one burns him up.

The Aquarius is revolutionary and ingenious. It would be hardly surprising if Aquarius was essentially responsible for the invention of the computer.

The loving Pisces are in their behaviour with their computer stress-free. Without hurry Pisces type their thoughts in their computer.

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