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Elements of Design in the Bedroom

There are certain elements and attributes that one has to consider when it comes to bedroom design: color combination, pattern, ventilation, arrangement, storage, lighting, maintenance and more. Some of them have everything to do with making the room look aesthetically pleasing and organized while others are more concerned about making the room appropriate for its user. Bedroom design however should not be limited to creating an appealing environment but should extend to establishing a functional place of comfort and relaxation.

€ Colors are vital elements in making a room look and feel right. Choosing the perfect color combinations requires a balance among all the hues and shades in relation to the room's general mood. For the bedroom, using relaxing and cool colors is your best option. Avoid using warm shades on major surfaces such as on the wall, flooring and ceiling. It is also more practical to limit the use of non-neutral colors to one to two shades and opt for neutral shades for the general appearance. Appropriate lighting can also help in complementing and emphasizing the colors in the room, as well as the dimensions of the furniture pieces and other fixtures.
€ Color also plays an important role when it comes to the general pattern in the room. Minimal color variations can project greater uniformity in terms of the pattern and can make the room seem larger than it actually is. On the other hand, using contrasting shades can also further emphasize the general pattern (i.e. complementary colors can highlight lines and curves). However, the target harmony in the room may be disrupted by too many variations in color or in patterns so make sure to simply focus on one variation and try to promote uniformity on the rest.
€ When it comes to the theme, there are a lot of other sub-considerations. The designer has to consider the bedroom owner's age, gender and personality. Since the latter will be the one using the room for the most part, he doesn't have to worry about how other people would perceive his choice of design and theme for his bedroom. Also, the theme should be able to suit its owner's lifestyle - some homeowners are better off with low maintenance bedrooms due to their busy schedule. Creating a low maintenance bedroom requires that the idea be integrated in the plan. Opt for furniture pieces that require minimal upkeep and practical storage that can easily cover up clutter.

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