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What Is Smartlipo?

When it comes to effectively losing the stubborn fats and body contouring liposuction has always been the best solution.
Overtime a lot of new techniques and advancements were introduced, one of which is known Smartlipo.
It is an FDA-approved procedure that has gained a lot of attention in the practice of body contouring and even in Hollywood.
Smartlipo is what is also called Laser-Assisted Lipolysis.
As the name implies, it uses a laser device to help melt the fat cells into liquid form for easier suctioning.
Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
With this cutting edge technology your fat cells will be liquefied by a powerful light beam which is calibrated to a specific range which is also safe for the body.
It is directed on the surface of the skin and does its work on the inside.
But prior to the procedure an anesthetic solution is first injected to the area.
This prepares the area to be numb throughout the procedure, making the process easier to bear.
Some surgeons even accompany this with sedatives depending on the extent of the work that has to be done.
Once the anesthetic takes its effect the laser beams are then directed to those fat cells through a fiber optic cable.
The liquefied fats are either removed through the lymphatic system or are suctioned off through a small incision where a suction cannula will be inserted.
This incision is so small by the way that you don't have to worry about any visible scars.
Aside from removing the fats, Smartlipo also affects the dermis by tightening it through the heat that also accompanies the procedure.
This way, the body contouring process is further improved.
In a traditional liposuction, an additional lift still needs to be done, but there will be no need for that with a laser-assisted liposuction.
With the collagen regeneration accompanying this procedure, this creates a smoother and tighter result.
Since it is a less invasive procedure, there will be less scarring, faster healing and the patient back to normal within a day or two.
Aside from melting the fats, the laser also helps seal blood vessels reducing the incidence of bleeding, swelling and bruising, which is one of the major concerns in the traditional liposuction.
Some surgeons prefer this procedure especially when working in areas that are highly vascular, such as the chin and the arms.
Other areas that can also be treated with this procedure include the upper and lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, and male breasts in cases of gynecomastia.
Smartlipo was also considered to be cheaper than the traditional liposuction.
However price range varies between clinics, depending on the surgeon's fee, facilities, and other procedures involved.
As much as this procedure sounds very enticing, there are doctors who are still apprehensive about the rise in its popularity.
Since it is not really necessary to have a license to operate the machine for a Smartlipo procedure, almost anyone who basically had a weekend's training can do so.
This results to a lot of results that are far less desirable and unsafe.
So if you want to make sure that you get the right service, always look for board-certified surgeon.
They are the ones who knows the human anatomy best, and how to sculpt it more properly.

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