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How to Get My 1099G From Arizona

    • 1). Wait patiently before deciding to take action. The state of Arizona mails out 1099-G forms January 14 to January 31. Most people receive their 1099-G form shortly thereafter.

    • 2). Check online. Even if you have not yet received the form, you can get the necessary information from the weekly claim system website. After using your social security number to log on, click the tab marked "View Benefits Paid (1099)," then enter your password.

    • 3). Contact the Arizona Department of Economic Security. If you have not received your 1099-G by February 14, contact the department in writing. Include your social security number and the year for which you need a 1099-G form. Send your request to the Arizona Department of Economic Security; Benefits Processing Control Unit; P.O. Box 6123 -- Site Code 918B-2; Phoenix, Arizona 85005.

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