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Las Vegas Vacation Specials

The best time to go to Las Vegas on vacation is in the spring or fall.
Winters can be a bit cool and it has been known to snow as well.
Even though it can be chilly during the winter this doesn't stop partiers from flocking to Las Vegas for New Years Eve.
Prices on vacation packages and hotels tend to be a bit cheaper in during the winter months as well.
So if you haven't been to Vegas it might be a good time to go and check it out for less money.
While taking your Las Vegas vacation there are many attractions, events and ways to lose your money.
Gambling with either cards or slots is an excellent way to lose your money if that is why you are going.
However, if you want to do some sightseeing; then there is plenty to do.
There are many tours available in Las Vegas and many of them are part of vacation specials or packages.
There are jeep and bus tours to the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Death Valley.
If you are looking for something a little more adventurous than you can schedule a river rafting or horseback riding outing.
When traveling to Las Vegas for vacation there are many ways to get around.
Renting a car isn't necessary but you might want to avoid walking if you can do the heat that can reach up to 120 degrees.
While in Vegas remember there are many options for transportation, including bus services to most areas, taxis to any location in town, trolleys and a monorail system that runs from the Convention Center to the MGM Grand Casino on the strip.
No matter what you do in Las Vegas while on vacation remember "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

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