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Wedding Dress, Which Woman Doesnt Like

After I got engaged one year ago, I started to think about my wedding dress. And what style Id like my wedding dress to be. In fact I am not the dreaming-wedding kind of woman. I was not very sure about what I wanted at the beginning. I had to get aware of some relevant knowledge about wedding dress. And then my sketch can be drawn up.
One day, on my way home, I came across a local wedding dress shop. Suddenly, I felt I should enter it to find what my favorite is and what is popular now. I think I will remember the 1st wedding dress I tried on forever. Actually, what I said was not about the good side. Stiff and uncomfortable with exaggerated proportions, weighed down with extensive beading and detailing. And the wedding dress was more even as expensive as semester in graduate school. Yes, it may sound a little exaggerate. But it was true. The 1st time I tried on it, I became to know what I want. That must be a simple yet unique wedding dress that makes me feel beautiful and feel as myself. And also should be reasonably comfortable that Id be able to move without difficulty, because the thought of not being able to move fluently was downright depressing.
Except not knowing what I want, I think there was still a problem. In the Wedding dress shop you can feel exactly what is the so called wedding dress salespeoples notorious deeds. They are notorious for not giving you the brutal, honest truth about how something looks on you. So it became harder for you to search for wedding dress. But suddenly I get aware of that and quickly became resistant to them, as I was not about to be swayed by someone I didnt even telling them what wedding dress I was supposed to wear for my own wedding. And then the 2nd time I came with my best friend who I think shares the similar taste with me. I even didnt need to listen what the salesperson say. In the end I found my perfect wedding dress. But the price was still high, which I didnt think it worth for just one time.
After reaching home, I try to search that wedding dress which I try myself in the wedding dress shop online, as I remembered the No. on tag. I surprisingly found that there were a lot of wedding dresses at the online shops. Finally I found my perfect wedding dress online and got it with just 1/3 of what I would have paid for it in the local wedding dress shop.
I am very proud of myself. I often share my experience of choosing my wedding dress with my friends. And they also find their own suitable wedding dresses.
Getting your wedding well prepared needs your attention and efforts. Shopping for your wedding dress is just the first step, there are still many other things like making the invitation card, choosing the venue for your wedding and the place for your honeymoon and making the wedding favor for your guests. If you want to have an excellent and unique wedding, you must engage yourself in every small detail with your whole heart. Though it is a little exhausting, it is also entertaining. So try your best to enjoy the hustle and bustle for your wedding.

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