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How to Repair XP With Fixboot

    • 1). Insert the Windows XP CD into your computer's disc drive.

    • 2). Restart your computer by clicking "Start," "Turn Off Computer" and "Restart" or by pressing the restart button on your computer if Windows won't boot.

    • 3). Press any key on your keyboard when "Press Any Key to Boot From CD" appears on the screen.

    • 4). Open the recovery console by pressing "R" at the welcome screen.

    • 5). Select your Windows XP operating system by pressing the up and down arrow keys and pressing "Enter."

    • 6). Type your administrator password and press "Enter."

    • 7). Repair your Windows XP boot sector by typing "fixboot" and press "Enter."

    • 8). Quit the recovery console by typing "exit" and pressing "Enter."

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