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Starting A Home Business In Network Marketing - Shocking Statistics You Should Know

It's your only option Before we get into Network Marketing, we should answer the question of why you should start your own home business.
Here's why: Self-employed people make up only 20 percent of America's population, yet account for 67% of the millionaires.
The rest of the millionaires are high-level corporate positions such as CEO's, Presidents, and Vice-Presidents.
Unless you work your way to the CEO level, your only chance of becoming affluent is if you start and run your own business.
Why a home business? Hopefully you now understand that the only realistic way to achieve all of your financial goals is by owning your own business, but why a home based business? If the idea of avoiding a long commute and setting your own work hours doesn't appeal to you, then maybe the ability to travel and be with your family does.
Not even considering that the tax benefits associated with home based businesses are extremely favorable, I will tell you this: there are over 11 million home based businesses in the United States alone and they account for over HALF of the businesses in the United States! Half! If over 11 million people in the United States alone can start a home business, than you can too.
A $427 Billion Home Based Network Marketing Market Let's recap: Your only option to become successful and financially free is by owning your own business and what better way to do that than by starting your business at home? Over half of the people who own businesses do.
So where do you start? Good question.
In order to start a home business, you have to have a business plan, a product or service to sell, a marketing plan, an advertising venue, and the list continues.
Herein lies the beauty of a home based network marketing business.
Everything is taken care of for you.
If you find the right company, they will have a killer marketing system, the products are already made for you, and the payment and the pricing system is already in place.
Network Marketing is a huge market because of all of the benefits that are offered as well as the ease of entry into the market.
How huge? $427 Billion huge.
And most of that is from network marketers working from home.
Choose Wisely, but More Importantly: Choose A Network Marketing home business can be a very rewarding one, but it can also lead to some perils and pitfalls.
A whole article, and even a whole book can be written on what exactly to look for in a Network Marketing company, but the most important step toward freedom is to take that first step.
It sounds simple, but this single action is where 95% of people stop.
Perhaps they are fearful.
Maybe they enjoy working for a living, or maybe they don't enjoy retirement.
Whatever it is, do not let the fear of starting a business stop you from taking any action at all.
It does not take a degree in rocket science to start in Network Marketing.
It does not take an MBA to run a successful home business.
After all, 11 million people and $427 Billion can't be wrong.

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