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Cost Effectiveness of Recurring Mail Pick Up Service

Often when people want a courier what they actually want is a recurring mail pick up service.
They may not be aware of the money they can save by hiring a dedicated mail delivery service instead of paying for one-off courier jobs.
Outsourcing your mail pick up to a recurring mail pick up service can also save considerable time when compared to, say, using existing employees to do the work or paying a courier.
You don't have to spend time organising a courier each time you need some mail picked up or delivered, and your staff members can complete their duties without distraction.
There is actually a way you can measure the precise amount of money you spend paying your staff to do the job of a courier.
Take their hourly rate (perhaps calculating from their salary) and determine how many hours they are away from their desk performing these tasks.
Multiply the numbers and the amount can be quite high, particularly if you work in a legal firm for example, where you would need to be constantly delivering documents to and from court.
Hiring a standard courier to perform these tasks will also be very expensive, with no discount or bonus available for using the same courier regularly.
Using the same company consistently over a period of time also helps to build confidence within the business as a relationship is developed between the business itself and the mail pick up service.
Having a recurring mail pick up service also allows you to specify the time and frequency mail is picked up from your business premises.

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