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Bus Shelters - Traditional Vs Modern

Having to wait for the buses in unpredictable weathers is one of the worst things about traveling in buses. Its probably one of the only things that can go wrong with bus travel but definitely something that can leave you fretting for a long time thereafter. However, bus shelters with their ultra modern look and perfectly safe refuge offer the best solution to these problems with bus travel.

To begin with, bus shelters are like the modernized versions of traditional bus stops. Take a conventional bus stop and to it add a super comfortable sitting area, pleasant environment, a covered shelter to protect you from surprises from the weather and what you get in end is a bus shelter. These shelters are one of the best things that happened to commuters of buses because they help take away one big flaw with his mode of travel. You can see happy faces of people travelling from buses when they cite a bus shelter offering its refuge in cool insides where they can wait in peace for their bus.

Choice of materials for construction of these shelters is large, so are the designs offered and the styles of bus shelters. It can range anything from the sturdy steel structures to lighter zinc alloys. The choice of material depends on various factors like the climatic conditions of the place which happens to be the primary factor affecting choice of material. The type of climate a place faces like the harsh sun or sudden downpours will influence the choice of materials. Similarly, the designs for these shelters also vary greatly. There can be the flat roofed structures or slanting structures or any other particular idea that happens to come into the mind.

The choice of design is dependent on the surroundings and the area where the particular shelter is to be built. Depending on the kind of space available, the design selected can be large or small. Usually, smaller and cosier designs are preferred in areas with lesser area available for establishment of these shelters. There, they mainly serve the purpose of acting as a much more comfortable spot for people to wait for their buses.

However, in larger cities or areas where more space is available, these shelters are more like highly developed bus stations that are everything but just a place to wait for a bus at. With their roofed structures, they offer security against weather conditions which may not always be a pleasant surprise. Along with that, there are many other facilities like space for advertisements which happen to be a major thing about places like bus stops mainly because this is one place where something can be noticed easily. And if that place happens to be a super comfortable bus shelter, the chances of an advertisement leaving a mark on someone's memory are even greater.

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