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Self Cleaning Gas Ranges


    • Self-cleaning gas ranges were first introduced in 1963. They used high temperatures to burn off food from the interior of the oven. Today's models include a lock feature for safety; the door cannot be opened until the lock releases, typically about an hour after the cleaning process is finished.


    • Self-cleaning gas ranges have more insulation than regular gas ranges. There is no broiler drawer on a self-cleaning oven, but a smaller storage drawer underneath, usually used for storage; broiling is done inside the oven.


    • The benefits of a self-cleaning oven include energy efficiency and no need to use harsh chemicals. The extra insulation helps keep oven temperatures stable, and there is no need to use smelly corrosives to eat away spilled food.


    • Although the extra insulation provides some amount of energy efficiency, the energy used during self-cleaning is intensive. Using the feature more than once a month will result in loss of efficiency.

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