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How to Fill in Gaps in the Garage

    • 1). Put on disposable gloves and safety glasses. Wear older work clothes or coveralls to protect clothing from foam insulation.

    • 2). Place the applicator tip into the nozzle on the can of foam insulation. The applicator tip fits into a hole in the spray nozzle.

    • 3). Place the applicator tip in the bottom of a gap. Press the nozzle and slide the applicator along the gap to the other end. Let the gap fill about halfway with foam insulation. The foam insulation will expand and fill the gap.

    • 4). Climb a ladder to gain access to gaps near the roof. Fill all gaps between the framework and siding, at the roof level and the floor level for protection from the elements.

    • 5). Let the foam insulation dry according to the directions on the can. Scrape any excess insulation off the framework with a putty knife to keep clean lines. Hold the putty knife at a 45-degree angle to the frame and slide it along to level the insulation with the frame.

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