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How Powerman 5000"s Sound Has Evolved Over Time

Powerman 5000 started out as a Nu Metal band sounding very similar to early Linkin Park.
Starting out with a rather rough sound, and looking very different then they did in later albums I personally am not a huge fan of their early work.
Starting in the late 90's their sound and appearance started to change drastically.
Similar to Rob Zombie, Powerman 5000 started adapting a Science Fiction theme to their rock music, thus calling it "Action Rock" by the lead singer Spider One.
It was the switch in sound and appearance to a science fiction action rock appearance and sound that they started to get a lot of mainstream and commercial success.
For a few years they stuck with the science fiction theme and started to wear spacesuits when performing and in their music videos.
In 2003 they started to change their sound to a more modern rock/punk sound and dropped the space suits.
They still had some great metal tracks such as "The Shape of Things to Come" as well as high paced commercial hits such as "Action", and "Free" (two of my favorite songs of theirs).
In 2005 they produced the album "Destroy What You Enjoy", which was their most punk rock fueld album yet.
While many were opposed to this new appearance and sound to the band, they did put out some good songs, even a live version of "Heroes and Villains" which has never been put out on a CD before.
Powerman 5000 has also produced several tracks for various movies and video games as well.
One of their most popular mainstream successes was the remake of the 1980's club hit "Relax" originally done by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
The relax remake also featured the rapper known as Danny Boy of the group House of Pain as well.
After 2005 and after a lot of negativity and criticism to their previous album, Powerman 5000 got in touch with their action rock, science fiction and horror roots.
Starting with the release of "V is for Vampire", "Super Villian" and "Horror Show" was a return to their late 90's and early 2000's sound.
The release of Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere featured some great songs such as V is for Vampire, Super Villian, Show me What you Got and Horror Show.
It also showed some influences of their early Nu Metal work with some rap/hip hop riffs in some of their songs such as Horror Show.
In May 2014 is the release of their latest album which is said to take their science fiction and action rock fusion even further than before.

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