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Get Tested For Gonorrhea and Quick

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are running amuck in the United States with Gonorrhea coming in second as the most common coming in only second to Chlamydia.
According to Wikipedia, it is caused by the bacteria known as Neisserria gonorrhoeae or "GC" as abbreviated by clinicians.
It is a disease which affects the whole body and affects the joints and heart valves if left untreated.
The bacteria thrive in warm and moist areas especially the reproductive organs such as the uterus, cervix, urethra, and fallopian tubes.
It can also multiply in other moist areas in the body such as the mouth, eyes, throat, and anus.
Since it is an STD, it is transmitted via sexual contact whether vaginal, anal, or oral and contrary to popular belief, it cannot be transmitted by sharing bathrooms and toilets.
Being sexually active and having multiple sexual partners can greatly increase the risk of contracting Gonorrhea as well as having sex with high risk people and prostitutes.
For pregnant women with Gonorrhea, they can pass on the bacteria to their child and may cause joint infections, blood problems, and even blindness.
Once the bacterium enters your system, it will not show any symptoms until 4 week after initial contact; though some remain asymptomatic-meaning they do not manifest any symptoms-all throughout their lives.
The symptoms for males include frequent and painful urination and inflammation of the testicles and prostate.
There will also be abnormal yellowish secretions coming from the genitals.
Women, on the other hand, have milder and harder to see symptoms and would include irritation of the cervix and vagina, and frequent urination sometimes accompanied with bleeding.
Since these symptoms are harder to detect, they are usually left untreated and may cause infertility.
If transferred on through oral sex, you can experience a sore throat more commonly known as gonococcal throat infection and if via anal sex, you can experience unnecessary pain in the rectal area with discharge.
Gonorrhea is easily treated with antibiotics so seeking consult at a STD testing center is one of the best ways to prevent the complications of the disease.
They have the necessary tests that can confirm and conclude if you have the illness so you can start treatment early.
STD centers employ experienced personnel that is more than capable to handle you case.
Here you will be subject to various clinical and laboratory exams done by their laboratory technician and you will also be asked your sexual history to make it easier to diagnose the problem.
Confidentiality is a big thing at STD centers since they are not required to divulge the identity of their clients.
This only means that you can get diagnosed and treated for Gonorrhea without having to face the shame and embarrassment that goes with it.
Clap or Gonorrhea is a very common STD in the country and can be acquired by anyone who is sexually active.
Stop the spread of the disease and all of its possible complications by having regular checkups at the nearest STD clinic near you.

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