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What Is the Palmaris Longus Tendon?


    • The palmaris longus is visible in most people. Bring the thumb and little finger together and make a tight fist while also flexing the wrist. The muscle should be noticeable running from the wrist up the inside arm. In some people, the muscle appears as a single band, while in others it may appear to be double bands of muscle.


    • The muscle is frequently used in wrist tendon grafts and for replacing the long finger flexors. Its length and diameter make it suitable for grafts, as does the fact that removing it does not affect hand and wrist functionality. Using the patient's own muscle also reduces the risks associated with introducing foreign materials into the body.

    Baseball Injury

    • Baseball pitchers are particularly prone to arm and wrist injuries. The most important connection for pitchers is the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). This stabilizes the arm when pitching overhead. Many baseball careers have been saved by a technique pioneered by Frank Jobe, which uses the palmaris longus muscle to build a new ligament. The procedure is known as "Tommy John surgery" after the first baseball player on whom Jobe performed the operation.

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