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How to Replace F-150 Truck Seats

    • 1). Locate the wiring harness under the driver's seat and disconnect it. The harness is located under a flap cut into the carpet on the left side. Complete the same step for the passenger seat if the seat is equipped with electronic controls.

    • 2). Locate the four bolts that secure the driver's seat to the floor pan. You'll find one bolt for each corner of the seat. Remove the bolts using a socket and ratchet on both seats.

    • 3). Lift both seats out of the F-150 and place the new seats into the truck. Line the bolt holes in the seat frame with the bolt holes in the floor pan.

    • 4). Thread the bolts through the holes in the seat frame into the holes in the floor pan with your fingers and then tighten them with the socket and ratchet. Complete this step for both seats.

    • 5). Reconnect the wiring harness on the seats to the harness under the carpet flap on the floor pan.

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