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Traditional Saris


    • Draped over the body, this simple garment is a single piece of rectangular cloth wrapped around the body several times. The rectangular cloth is usually six yards in length and the styles and colors vary based on personal tastes. Saris have changed very little over the years.


    • Saris remain popular and unchanged over the years due to their versatility. The way a woman drapes the sari over their bodies varies from person to person, creating unique looks each time. Whether made of silk, cloth or cotton, saris remain a favorite of Indian women because of the ability to wear it in formal or informal settings.


    • The first saris were seen in India dating back from 200 to 50 BC on terracotta prints. In these murals, the sari was tightly fitted around the woman's entire body. Although in modern times women tend to wear saris with less modesty, this tight-fitting image is still seen on older Indian women

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