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How to Attract a Girl on the Phone (Using a 3-Step Phone Seduction Formula)

Most of the time, men tend to overdo it when they are on the phone for the first time with a woman they like.
In their attempts to come off as confident, they end up coming off as arrogant instead.
What you need to remember is to take your time and to completely be yourself.
Keep in mind that a single phone conversation has the power to make or break a possible date with your dream girl.
To avoid this, carefully follow these steps to successfully win her over on the phone.
The 3 Greatest Steps to Deadly Phone Seduction Step One: Bring on the Laughter.
Laughter happens to be the best medicine.
It doesn't just break the ice on your first phone call, but it also has the power get her to feel comfortable around you.
No man wants to hear the girl of their dreams hang up the phone after just five minutes on the phone.
To avoid this, try to make her laugh as much as possible.
This would be a subtle yet effective way to charm her.
Step Two: Share Stories.
Everyone has several stories to share, whether they are funny or shocking.
Stories happen to be great ways to avoid the silence on the phone when you aren't sure what to say.
It will also give you the chance to show her how interesting you are and that you have a lot of stories to share about your life experiences.
Step Three: Fractionation.
This would count as an extreme measure from the field of hypnosis and deals with controlling female emotions.
While talking to her, you have to make her depend on you emotionally.
If you are capable of doing this, you can make sure that you will bag that date at the end of the call.

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