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Email Marketing Mistakes

As most of us have heard, "The money is in the list." Every business owner specially the small business owners, we all know that and we regularly focusing on building an email list, and promoting content, products or services through email marketing.

Changes happening at very rapid rate, however lots of email subscribers who are using mobile phones to receive and read their email and access the Internet by mobile phones. With this mind get a couple email marketing mistakes that may be impacting the importance of your email communications with your customers. Here are some searches and according to them:

83% of adults using cell phones

37% of phone users using their mobile phones for sending & receiving emails.

35% people using smart phones.

87% of smart phone owners access the email on their hand held

66% access the email on their hand held in a typical day

25% of smart phone users say they go online using their phone as opposed to their computer

This increased mobile users has many implications for our marketing world, but for now I want to focus on two fields that specifically impact your email marketing. These are kind of problems you may not even be aware of, but they are also simple things to fix.


You're not sending in both HTML and text.

Many small business owners generally communicate in HTML. These are the beautifully formatted emails with graphics and other images.

Problem with this is that many of mobile phones accept e-messages in text format only. When they get an email in HTML they just show a link to open online.

You are not staying "above the fold."

We generally talk about keeping our most essential information on our sites "above the fold" so that visitors don't have to scroll down to see it. This same holds true for email communications.

Mobile devices have an area "above the fold" too. Your mail receivers sees only a small portion of the message, and then they see a link to read the rest of the email. You need to be sure that they click and keep reading your email.

simple, step-by-step tools and actions they can begin to use immediately to grow their business online and draw in more clients, more connections, and more income.


A good one mailing service generally will not send more than 24 emails per day from its site, keeping your marketing mail efficient by not flooding in boxes. The delivery of emails should be on a regular hour or two hourly basis. It will also make certain that all emails are carefully checked that they comply with legislation according to the CAN-SPAM Act.


Email marketing is really a valuable tool for every business owner because of its less expenditure , allows us high targeted and engaging messages and can be easily tracked to monitor success.

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