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Reaping the Ultimate Resveratrol Benefit of Living Longer

The Resveratrol compound has been the subject of attention for over 20 years now, and its still enjoying a lot of attention.
By adding resveratrol in your daily diet, there is no doubt you'll reap the ultimate resveratrol benefit and be the next success story.
Resveratrol is a compound derived from skins, seeds, roots of certain plants, particularly in the knotweed plant and the grapes skins.
When red wine is made, the skin is not removed, unlike white wine where the skin is removed.
This explains the reason why the doctor will always recommend a glass of red wine on a regular basis.
After much research and studies, resveratrol has shown to protect as well as repair the human DNA.
This it does by promoting mitochondrial biogenesis, slowing Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE) proteins and impacting positively on gene regulators.
Protection and DNA repair is a key indicator for the resveratrol benefit.
Naturally, the body is attacked at the cellular level by all sorts of harmful compounds.
This is where resveratrol comes into play as it forms a protective barrier on the DNA and as such, the harmful compounds will not affect the DNA code and as a result protect you from cancer and the likes.
When resveratrol combines with a particular polyphenol blend, it is responsible for genetic regulators in the body, the same regulators that are responsible for the damage and repair of cells.
Thus, when these regulators are controlled, the aging process is subsequently controlled.
As one ages, mitochondria in the body cells decrease in number.
Naturally, it is the source of cellular energy and is believed to be the basis of long life.
Resveratrol will help multiply the number of mitochondria as you age, thereby increasing the daily vigor and energy.
With all these benefits of resveratrol, you have got no reason not to live and see your great, great, great grandchildren grow up and get married.

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