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More About the Cost of a Static Caravan

Though many people look forward to being a proud owner of a static caravan, the numerous models of modern caravans can confuse you.
The basic holiday homes or caravans start at £14,000 for a basic caravan model but if you are looking for a plush luxury home, be ready to spend about £25,000 to £40,000.
Add on the extra costs of insurance, holiday park charges and if you intend doing up custom interiors, the costs rise.
However, even if you are buying it as an investment, it is worth looking into the wide range of luxury caravans available before you buy one.
The cost of a static caravan depends upon the quality of fittings and interior designs especially if it involves double glazing.
There are quite a few individuals that want all round living within the caravan and buy customized caravans adhering to park rules and permits.
It is best to check out the manufacturer's websites or visit some of the shows that have on display numerous caravans of all segments so you can see before you buy.
Alternatively, you can research online and see the wide range of caravans available and then visit the shows.
Outdoor trade shows give you a chance to physically see the size of the static caravan and visualize the real time look at the holiday park site.
Additionally, you may want to look up the available features at the holiday parks such as: •Do you need a seaside or countryside park? •Are pets allowed in the park? •Will you be able to sub-let? •Can you add awnings and decking or other features? •Will you be required to upgrade every 10 years? •Is the security and terms of the park suitable as per your requirements? These are just a few of the questions that are important before you actually buy a caravan for splendid vacations, close to nature.

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