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How to Make Carmen Happy in "GTA"

    • 1). Go to Perseus, the clothing shop in Algonquin. Purchase a complete outfit, including suit, pants and shoes. The more expensive the clothes are, the more Carmen will like them.

    • 2). Call Carmen on your cell phone to schedule a date. She'll ask you to pick her up at a specific time and place.

    • 3). Get a fast sports car or motorcycle. If you don't already own one, steal one. Stand next to the door of any vehicle on the street and push the action key.

    • 4). Meet Carmen at the location she demanded and take her to a bar or a strip club. Follow the martini glass icon on the map to go to one.

    • 5). Drive fast to make Carmen happy. If a police officer tries to pull you over for speeding, go even faster. The other datable women in "GTA 4" do not like fast and reckless driving, so reserve these thrills for Carmen.

    • 6). Enter the venue and watch the cut scene. Carmen will talk about her life, and once she's done, you'll exit the venue. Get back in your car and drive her back to her home in Bohan. Once again, drive fast to gain extra points with her.

    • 7). Stop in front of her house and she'll get out. If she's happy, she'll invite you in for coffee.

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