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How to Get Rid of Scars Without Using Any Special Cream

I have rather noticeable scars on my wrist and I want to get rid of them. The only problem is that I don't have the money to buy all those expensive creams that sell in stores or hyped on TV. I also have these mysterious stretch marks for no reason on my lower back and inner thighs. How can I treat and get rid of these ugly scars and the stretch marks without using any spacial cream?

If you read on health forums on the internet, you will find a lot of people complaining about scars and stretch marks - just like the guy above. There are a lot of things you can do to treat and fade your scars and in this article I will be letting you know some of these remedies so you can use on your scars/stretch marks and with some luck you will be able to finally have that clear skin tone you so badly want and deserve.

Using Bio-Oil for Treating Scars
To begin with, Bio-oil gets rid of scars and helps with stretch marks. It doesn't totally get rid of stretch marks but it significantly improves the appearance. It does get rid of scars though. It's about $12.00 for a small bottle and if you have the right body type it will work very well for your scars. You can just get it at Safeway or clues or whatever or the chemist.

Using Exfoliate For Treating Stretch Marks
Stretch marks do fade over time but it takes forever so, if you want to speed up the healing process you need to exfoliate. I scrubbed old stretch marks on my behind with medical crystals rub twice a week and now they are hair thin and only visible really up close. Just Google medical crystals rub to find it - it's a paste like mixture of cocoa, shea butters and skin abrasive crystals.

Some people have also used Palmers cocoa butter formula lotion and they swear it works amazingly on marks and scars. You can also rub lemon juice on it and then apply olive oil on it. It is advisable to do the lemon juice and olive oil remedy at night!

Tips for Avoiding Scars

Apart from just treating scars and stretch marks when they appear, there are a lot of things you can do to avoid having them in the first place. As the old saying goes; prevention is better than cure. Here below are some few tips that will help you avoid having scars and stretch marks.

- The best thing you can do to avoid having acne scars is; don't scratch them (that will leave deep spots on your face)
- avoid applying oil on your hairs when you go out in sun
- drink lots and lots of water. It sound crazy but it really helps
- stop touching your face with your hands (if you have this habit stop it since all hands contains germs)
- wash your face frequently
- drink lime juice and other such natural sorts of juices
- Exercise (you may not see any connection with scars but it is beneficial in many ways)

All these tips will help you maintain a healthy body and will also be effective measure for getting rid of your scars.

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