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Premature Ejaculation Prevention - Condom Tips

You can prevent premature ejaculation by performing a few different "condom" tricks which will help you to last longer.
Here are some good premature ejaculation prevention condom tactics: 1.
"Doubling" This basically involves doubling your condom.
That is, putting an additional condom on before sex, so you are wearing two.
What this does is provides an extra layer or barrier which will cut down drastically on sensitivity.
If you are overly sensitive during sex, this will lead to premature excitement.
By using two condoms you decrease your sensitivity, thus enabling you to last much longer.
"Adjusting" This can be a tactic used during sex which simply involves pausing, adjusting and then proceeding.
What this does is allows you to take a very brief break if you sense over excitement coming on.
During this break you simply adjust the condom while taking a few deep breaths.
This will "re-set" you, and allow you to begin again fresh, enabling you much more time to have pleasurable sex without getting excited too quickly.
"Lubing" Lubing essentially involves using premature ejaculation prevention ointment inside the condom, thus desensitizing yourself, allowing you to last much longer.
The best option here is actually purchasing condoms which already have the lubing desensitizing ointment "built in".
That way you can simply use it as usual, without having to add anything.
While these condom tricks can work and provide premature ejaculation prevention, they are only good for short term use and shouldn't be relied on month after month.
Instead a good program for ending premature ejaculation permanently is your ideal choice for getting rid of the problem.
It will outline simple exercises you can do to become a long lasting lover.

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