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Choose Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts for Men's Regular wear

Brands do not form the name in a day, and so it is with world famous brands like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. Manufacturing clothes for both men and women, these are two leading brands and polo shirts of these fashion houses are too good to be missed.

Polo shirts are regular apparel for both men and women. From kids to the young generation as well as the seniors, polo t-shirts are loved by all and sundry. The comfortable fit, the comfortable cotton fabric, the design especially the collar and side cut are the general features by which polo shirts can be easily identified.

Polo apparel was firstly designed more than a hundred years ago, to give a comfortable outfit to the polo players. The previous outfit for the polo players being too flashy and unfit for such an energetic game, polo apparel was accepted and appreciated by the sportsmen. Also, this garment was loved by other sports players like cricket, badminton, archery and such games which required long hours in the outdoors. The classy style factor of these clothes has made them a long time favorite.

When a brand like Ralph Lauren, which has a huge collection of both men's and women's clothes, includes the polo range in to its apparel collection, it becomes clear that this garment has some great chances of incorporating new styles and new advancements. Ralph Lauren has one of the biggest collections of polo apparel in terms of designs and RL ranges. The designs change with range, which include some varied options to choose from, like flag, match polo, big pony, dip and dye, crested, full sleeved, hoodies, sweaters as well as striped.

The ‘sweaters' are not complete woolen sweaters, but knitted with rib stitch in fine weave. The flag shirts have the logo of the brand and the flag or emblem of the countries all over the world, like USA, Britain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Spain, and Germany and there are other countries in this collection also. The big pony range has the logo of three horsemen on horse playing polo stitched in shiny metallic finish contrast thread on the fine t-shirts in solid metallic colors. The match polo range has full size LXVII ('67) printed on them, in contrast colors, and also sometimes contrasted with black or white depending on the color.

The Lacoste range polo t-shirts are more elegant and subtle, even when they are for men. The colors of Lacoste are fresh, and this brand is mostly known for the pastel shades which simultaneously look attractive and soothing. the colors of the Lacoste collection include some rare colors, which are not to be found in any other brand collection, however famous it may be. These colors are like kerguelen blue, pistachio nut green, deep yellow, autumn crocus pink, bright palm green, azalea pink, orca blue, rusty orange, sesame yellow, as well as the good old white, black, gray and red. Polo-Search.Com is one place where all these collections are available online.

The collections of both these brands are a favorite among men for the various color options they get to choose from, and also the price range they come in.

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