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How to Rig a Bait Fish to Float

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      Kite fishing

      Deploy kite from the fishing craft. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for rigging the kite and fishing tackle. Release the line to both the kite and the fishing line to position the bait fish on the surface of the water. If desired, the bait can be made to splash right atop the surface of the water.

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      Popping cork rig

      Rig the fishing line with an appropriate hook and leader size for the size and species of fish that is being pursued. Attach the leader and hook to the main fishing line with a barrel swivel or with a surgeon's knot or uni-knot. Position the popping cork on the main fishing line and insert the peg to hold the cork at the desired spot. Depth can be easily changed by readjusting the cork's position. Once the bait is cast, pop the cork in the water, which will make a splashing sound and attract fish that are in the area.

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      Balloon rig

      Inflate balloon to 5 or 6 inches in diameter. Rig the fishing line with a leader and hook that is the correct size for the type of fishing being done. Attach the balloon at the barrel swivel by tying a knot in the tag end of the balloon or use a piece of lighter line to tie the balloon to the fishing line. The balloon will burst or pull off when a fish hits the bait.

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