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Home Dry Cleaning Has Become Pretty Popular Worldwide

Most people have some experience with any dry cleaning industry; they go for dry cleaning their favorite clothes to the dry cleaners. This process of cleaning is mainly used to clean the delicate clothes, so that they do not lose the properties or the color. Cleaning of different types of fabrics, carpets etc are done through this process. People mainly dry clean their favorite clothes, so that these clothes stay as fresh as new for a long time. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes in which water or soap are not used; instead of which people use certain dry cleaning solvents. Dry cleaning industries have become quite popular all over the world; people go for the dry cleaning companies whenever they have to clean their favorite clothes by this method. Many people try dry cleaning their clothes at home to save money as the cleaning companies often charge huge amount for this. But, cleaning the clothes using all these cleaning items is very time consuming and pain staking. So, most people avoid dry cleaning their clothes at home and go for the cleaning companies. These companies apply several techniques to clean the clothes and return them as good as new.

However, if you want you can try dry cleaning your clothes at home and for that you have to keep enough time in your hands and buy all the necessary cleaning items like the cleaning solvents; paper tissues, cotton swabs, iron shoe and several others. The dry cleaning solvent is the most important used for cleaning the clothes; several types of solvents are used by the expert dry cleaners in the cleaning companies. You can use any type of good cleaning solvents you like for cleaning your clothes. One of the most used dry cleaning solvent is the perchloroethylene; this solvent is used all over the world. The main work of this solvent is to dissolve the dirt, oily stains etc from the clothes completely. Unfortunately, this perchloroethylene was found to be very harmful for the human body although it was absolutely safe for the clothes. So, the use of this solvent has lessened to a large extent and people mostly use liquid carbon dioxide or D5 for cleaning their clothes.

Several equipments used by human beings like the carpets or other such items are often pretty hard to clean completely by simple soap and water cleaning; these items need to be dry cleaned using the strong dry cleaning solvents. The process of dry cleaning has become a part of our life since a very long time. It was discovered during the mid 19th century and slowly progressed along with the advancement of science and technology. Previously, people used kerosene or gasoline as the dry cleaning solvent; but they were withdrawn because of certain drawbacks. Nowadays, people mainly use the organic dry cleaning solvents like liquid carbon dioxide or D5 (Liquid Silicon), as they serve as good solvents and are safe to use for both the human body and the clothes.

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