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What Is A Business Model That Works In This New Economy?

A business model typically describes the way an organization functions.
The way it organizes, creates and distributes value to the marketplace.
In essence it describes the way the business will function and efficiently entice customers into purchasing a company's product or service most easily and effectively.
Thanks to the internet and technology there are many new ways this is being done.
We have all been affected lately in one way or another by the economy and judging by the evening news, things are not all good.
But if you know where to look, there are new opportunities popping up all over the place.
Nowhere is this more evident than on the internet.
We all know that the internet has revolutionized the way that we all communicate and the way information is passed on, but have you realized the fact that it has also evened the playing field for entrepreneurs and forward thinking business people by enabling them to create incredibly profitable mobile internet enterprises at a very low start up cost.
Every day people like you and I, with very little capital, and just a ton of sweat equity are creating monthly incomes that most professionals make in a year.
There are many companies out there right now paying their reps $5 - $15K commissions right off the bat.
Welcome to the new gold rush.
Welcome to the 'New Economy'.
I am going to let you in a little secret to their success.
It's a concept called leverage.
Leverage is by far the most important principle in these new business models.
You are leveraging the power of the internet, you leverage the power of systems, and you leverage the power of team work.
That's it.
It's pretty simple.
But then again, things that are simple are sometimes easy NOT to do.
Don't ask me why, it's just the way it is.
You see, not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur, a lot of people need a J.
They need a boss to tell them what to do because they aren't motivated, they aren't self-starters.
But believe me, there are plenty people out there who are.
These are the people you want to align yourself with.
These are the people you want to learn from and work with.
You see, in this business model where leverage is the key to success, and you are working with a team, you share your secrets, you don't keep them like a broker would from an agent.
No, this is a different strategy all together.
You benefit off of the productivity of your team mates, so it behooves you to train and share your strategies.
And no this is not a pyramid scheme that I'm talking about.
It isn't MLM either.
These are solid, global high ticket, high value businesses that you probably just haven't hear about yet.
Things are changing fast, and if you're out there wondering, what is a business model that works in this new economy, then you should do what Forbes magazine suggests and position yourself directly in front of the over 79 million opportunity seekers coming online in the next 3-5 years.
This is no time for you to sit idle.
It's time to get yourself ready to ride this technological wave all the way to the bank.

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