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Parents To Migrate To Australia Permanently, To Join Their Children Who Are Living In Australia

Parent Visa (migrant) subsection 103 enables Parents to Migrate To Australia Permanently To Join Their Children Who Are Living In Australia. Emigrants and their dependents gaining entry down under on basis of this arrangement

Get an unrestricted freedom to reside and seek employment anywhere in the country
Obtain discounted healthcare under Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefit program (PBS)
Become eligible for specified social security grants
Qualify for filing for Australian nationality after fulfilling permanent residence stipulations
Nominate others for permanent residency in Australia

This segment is a nomination scheme and the migration enthusiasts need to be nominated by their children over age of 18 years or any other qualified Australian nominator. In cases where the age of child is under 18 years qualified list of sponsoring entities include

Spouse of your child
Relation or guardian of child
Relation or guardian of childs spouse
A community agency

The nomination can be made by the children who are in the country as Australian nationals or permanent residents or a qualified New Zealand national. Your child or sponsoring individual must be actually settled in the country at the time of filing the request i.e. your child must have been in this southern hemisphere country for a justifiable tenure. The minimum stipulated period that is deemed as acceptable tenure is 2 years with exception to cases where the nomination and migration process is accelerated due to compelling reasons and on compassionate grounds.

The applicants also need to substantiate (as a part of balance of family test) that either

Half of their children are nationals or permanent residents of Australia or qualified nationals of New Zealand and are generally residing inside Aussie shores for majority of time, or

You have more children residing in this country than any other country i.e. residing as Australian nationals or permanent residents or qualified New Zealand nationals

This arrangement permits you to include specified family members in the request To Migrate To Australia Permanently To Join Children i.e. your spouse and dependent children.

The application process can be largely bifurcated into 2 streams i.e. non contributory and contributory. Although non sharing stream is extremely popular with the majority of the applicants but this segment is marred by a very long waiting time frame and people have to wait for incessantly long before their applications are taken up for processing. Although, recently Aussie authorities have raised annual numbers of parents visa in family streams by a good 4000, but the rush and waiting list is ever expanding. The reasons for this can be attributed to the fact that in this stream the application is queued up in global list and the applications are taken up for processing as per the list.

To avoid this prolonged waiting times many migration enthusiast mothers and fathers can choose to file their request To Migrate To Australia Permanently To Join Their Children under the sharing scheme. Under this scheme or channel of application applicants or their nominating children are required to pay a substantial amount as the application processing levy and submit an AOS or undertaking to support stay and residence. These levies aim at compensating some percentage burden of expenditure imposed on the social network by immigrating parents. Due a higher annual sealing for this stream the processing is comparatively much faster as compared to non sharing stream.

The nominating individual must assure support, housing and lodging and financial support for initial 2 years tenure or permanent residency after Parents Migrate To Australia Permanently under subsection 103 visa.

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