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Proposal For The Newest TV Show

you click on over to the right channel because it's time.
You're just in time; the last commercial following the last show has just ended.
For a fraction of a second the screen is blank.
Then, the theme music from "Ghost Busters" is heard.
One of those symbols shows up on the screen; you know: the "no" symbol with the circle and the line going through it diagonally.
The word "SCAM" in big red letters slides onto the screen and ends up in the center of the "no" symbol as a low voice rumbles: "Scam Busters!".
The host walks on in front of a giant, big-screen (like the modern ones that the news stations use).
The host says: "Welcome to Scam Busters! Where we take real-life Internet offers and everyday emails and get to the bottom of it for you.
Is it real? Does it really work? Is it legitimate? Can you make money from it? Today you will find out for certain.
" The host continues: "First off, let's look at our Inbox today and see what's there.
Have you seen this email or one similar to it?" Yep, you got the point.
We need to make a popular TV show that investigates scams; wades through the wild, wild west of today's Internet; enriches the audience with a wealth of valuable information and protection.
Perhaps they can popularize certain categories, like: Identity Scams, Confidence Schemes, Multi-Level-Marketing, Downline Myths, Outright Rip-Offs, and so on.
As the show examines each email or sales page or new come-on, the scam is thrown into one or another category, a warning is issued, and the scam is dispelled.
The show needs to be made exciting, with exploration of each product being sold, phone calls to the originator(s), investigative reporting, and special segments.
Let's see...
one segment could be called: "As seen previously on Scam Busters!" This segment is used to follow-up on Internet Marketing products, for example, to see how it performed since it was first on the show.
Or, this segment might present the result of a previous investigation.
Or, this segment might show a new variation of a previously exposed scam.
And the last segment might provide tips, tricks, and other advice about making money online or starting up your own, legitimate online business.
This segment might be called: "Doing it right".
Finally, what about money and support for the show? The answer: all advertisers can be online companies that are legitimate, popular, up-and-coming, or well established.
These companies will be falling all over themselves to support such a show.
Hey, I really want to see this happen! I would tune in.
What do you think?

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