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Altadrine Strategies For Successful Slimming

Body Intelligence Tips to follow when one is taking Altadrine food supplements.

Alta Care Laboratoires has always recommended to its clients that the best food is the digestible one. Food is to be preferably cooked, even well cooked; rather than raw; it is to be hot rather than cold; fresh rather than processed. One is also to remain seated for a while after a meal thus allowing ones body to settle into its digestive rhythms.

Another important Alta Care Laboratoires principle is that of moderation. Consume moderate amounts of food at regular mealtimes. Your digestive tract will work more efficiently on smaller portions, and with a partially empty stomach. This will allow your body to automatically control its weight much more easily.

Being satisfied is not the same as being stuffed. If you leave a little empty room in your stomach you will feel light, buoyant, energetic and much fresher an hour after your meal. This is how one should feel after a properly eaten meal. This will be the natural result of a properly digested meal.
The following are some Body Intelligence Tips that one is to follow when taking Altadrine food supplements:

1. Eat in a settled atmosphere.

2. Never eat when you are upset.

3. Always sit down to eat.

4. Eat only when you feel hungry. Try and include Altadrine soup in your diet.

5. Avoid ice-cold food and drink.

6. Don't talk while chewing your food.

7. Eat at a moderate pace, neither too fast nor too slow.

8. Wait until one meal has been digested before eating the next (i.e., intervals of two to four hours for light meals, four to six for full meals). Altaflora electrolytes sachets are excellent in cases of digestion problems.

9. Sip warm water or Altadrine Thalasso drink with your meal.

10. Eat freshly cooked meals whenever possible. You may supplement with Altadrine fruit & vegetable tablets.

11. Minimize raw foods; cooked food (preferably well- cooked) is much easier to digest.

12. Drink milk separately from meals, either alone or with other sweet foods.

14. Sit quietly for a few minutes after your meal.

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