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7 Sure Fire Ways To Ease Anxiety

If you go to sleep at night dreading the thought of waking up the next morning, pay very close attention.
Life is not meant to be like this.
You are a natural creator.
You were born to create something unique to contribute to this planet, and you were meant to deliver it joyfully.
Right now your mind may be filled with a steady stream of worries and concerns.
You may be distracted about an angry conversation you had at work two days ago or maybe an impending visit with an in-law.
Whatever is causing you anxiety needs to be addressed.
But whatever methods you have used up until now may not have been effective.
For your peace of mind check these steps out now: 1.
Make sure you get enough sleep.
This may be difficult if you are anxious, and your thoughts won't leave you alone.
Come back to this after you look over the other steps, and your ability to get a good night's sleep will improve dramatically.
Meditation sessions can be as little as five minutes and as long as an hour.
Find a quiet, comfortable place, close your eyes, and begin to breathe normally.
Let your thoughts be, without trying to control them.
Try inhaling deeply, and exhaling using the sound, "Hu"...
Allow the sound to drift until you run out of breath.
This is a universal chanting sound of love and is known to bring a relaxed state to the person chanting it.
Use a soft tone, and meditate on the power of love while you chant it over and over again.
Spend more time outside.
Make time to spend part of the day light hours outside.
Sunlight is known to improve the moods of people and ease stress in an extraordinary way.
Even if you just take a short stroll around the block, try to do this every day.
Drink more water.
Water is the elixir of life.
Just as your favorite lemon tree would not survive without it, the cells in your body would cease to function without water.
Water nourishes your body and lessens the occurrences of tension headaches.
Sip your water as if you were a Goddess enjoying her nectar.
Be grateful for its pure and cleansing source.
Filtered water is best.
Try to be good to the environment by not polluting the earth with plastic bottles.
Watch less television.
This may be a hard one for many of you, but it really works to lessen anxiety.
The next time you get the urge to watch your favorite show pick up a magazine instead.
An inspirational book would be better, but ease into this new habit the best way for you.
It will be easier for you if you prepare your space with candles, incense and maybe decorate your space with pretty pictures or a Buddha statue.
If you go outside on your patio, and it's nighttime put up some Magical Fireflies.
The idea is to create a space that will make it easy not to watch the tube.
Write an affirmation a day.
More is better, but ease into it.
It's always best not to put too much pressure on yourself.
This will make it easier to become a habit.
A good example of an affirmation would be: "My mind & body is stress-free and I am an open vessel for inspiration and spiritual healing.
" 7.
Practice yoga.
Start with a beginning yoga tape or DVD.
You do not have to do the whole thing, but find a couple of positions that are relatively easy for you to do.
A little challenge is good.
This will ease an incredible amount of tension in the body.
The stretching involved in yoga is much like massage therapy for the body.
Once you start practicing these steps on a consistent basis you, your anxiety level will drop dramatically.
You will sleep deeper and longer, wake up in a more positive state of mind, and have more energy.
This is how you were meant to live.
The more you do things that are nurturing to your mind and body, the more open you will be to hearing divine messages meant for you and you alone.
Copyright 2011, Avenstar Productions

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