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Golf in Finland - Popular Golf Clubs in Finland

Finland is a golf traveler's dream and still a well-kept secret. You will find that 18-hole golf courses in Finland are more spacious than average golf courses, and fees are quite reasonable. At the moment, Finland offers at least 110 beautiful golf courses. 20 of them are within an hour of Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

One of Helsinki's most popular golf clubs (and the city's oldest!) is the impressive Helsinki Golf Club.

It's just 4 mi (6 km) northwest from downtown Helsinki.

Keep in mind that numerous Finnish golf courses are designed around water hazards based on the landscape. After all, Finland is "the land of the 1,000 lakes". Just bring a few extra balls.

The golfing season in Finland lasts from May until late September (often longer), depending on the weather in Finland. Many players come to the greens late at night. Why? Finland enjoys the Midnight Sun phenomenon each summer, which provides 24-hour sunlight (21 hours of sunlight daily in southern Finland).

If you're further north in Finland, try the memorable Green Zone Golf Course which lies in two neighboring cities: Haparanda, Sweden and Tornio, Finland. This golf course not only combines two cities, but also two countries and - two time zones! The Green Zone Golf Course also hosts the Midnight Sun Golf 90 Holes Marathon Tournament. That's several days and nights of non-stop golf each year in late June.

If you feel truly adventurous, visit the course of the Arctic Golf Club in the city of Rovaniemi in the far north, a favorite among golf travelers in the region of Finnish Lapland.

There are no Finnish greens farther north than this one. Remember to bring warm clothing for this 9-hole golf course, though.

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