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How to Make Pretty Cards

    Make a Bird Card with Stamps

    • 1). Use a ruler and a knife to score a sheet of card stock in half.

    • 2). Fold the sheet of card stock along the score line to make a half-fold.

    • 3). Use the pencil to draw a branch on the card, which is where the birds will perch.

    • 4). Color the branch in with the colored pencils, and create the leaves hanging off the smaller branches.

    • 5). Use the bird stamps of various colors to make a row of birds to sitting on the tree branch. Stamp only one bird on the tree branch if you want it to be the focal piece.

    • 6). Punch a hole on the top left-hand corner of the card, and tie on a pretty ribbon.

    Make a Flower Card

    • 1). Take a sheet of card stock and score it down the middle.

    • 2). Bend the card stock in half along the score line.

    • 3). Choose a reference photograph of a flower you would like to draw.

    • 4). Lightly sketch the flower on the card stock.

    • 5). Use colored pencils to add hue to the illustration.

    • 6). Embellish the card by gluing seed beads on the centers of your flowers.

    Make a Cat Card

    • 1). Score and fold a sheet of card stock in half.

    • 2). Find an old photograph of your cat in a photo album, or print one off your computer. Use a picture that is smaller than your card so you have room to write a message on the front of the card.

    • 3). Write the message at either the top or the bottom of your card, depending on where you will put the picture.

    • 4). Paint on a thin layer of decoupage glue, and stick the picture of your cat on the card.

    • 5). Paint on another layer of decoupage glue over the surface of the card to help the picture stick.

    • 6). Sprinkle the card with glitter as the last layer of decoupage glue is drying.

    Make a Happy Birthday Card

    • 1). Cut out pictures of birthday cakes, birthday cupcakes and balloons from old magazines.

    • 2). Make your card by scoring the card stock in half and folding it along the score line.

    • 3). Write "Happy Birthday" on the front of the card in large, but neat printing. Leave enough room for decoupaging the pictures of the birthday cake and balloons to the card.

    • 4). Spread a thin layer of decoupage glue on the card and begin sticking on the images.

    • 5). Layer the images and create a collage for a three-dimensional effect.

    • 6). Sprinkle glitter on the final layer of decoupage glue and allow the card to dry completely.

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