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Suits ‘High Noon’ Review

The season's finale episode of Suits begins with the partners of the firm, Hardman and Louis voting for the next managing partner. Right from the time Louis had been made as the senior partner by Hardman all eyes were set on Louis to find out who he will choose between Daniel and Jessica to be the managing partner of the firm.
Since the time Hardman came back to the firm he had been giving a lot of attention to Louis which he had expected from Jessica for a long time. There is a power struggle between the partners and incidentally it is Hardman who takes charge in making the final decision. As the politics continue at the office, Mike returns to the office after the death of his grandmother. He is trying to indulge himself in his work to forget about the grief when suddenly he ends up picking up an argument with Harvey.

Hardman is in favor of getting Harvey fired out from the company. All of them had a great value of respect in Louis but he had not been faithful either to the team or to Jessica. Mike couldn't control his cool and lashed up at Harvey as he was already in sorrow. Hence it showed that he returned to his old habit of drugs. And it is good to see that Rachel stands by him as a means of strong support to help him come out of the hardships that he had been through. But she doesn't seem to lose control over his drug habit which shows that they are too far from what relationship they shared in the beginning.
And then we see Rachel going to the funeral with Mike when she least expected that she would see Mike's old childhood friend, Tess at the funeral. And we see a spark arise between her and Mike which is certainly not good. So what will be Rachel's reaction to this from her side?
Mike and Louis order their associates to not help Harvey on his new case when he seeks the support of Donna. When he thinks that she is just not enough to rely on, Harvey comes to visit Mike. Then we see that Mike lets himself in and tries to make a good relationship with Harvey.
Harvey gets drunk too much and at a point confesses to Mike that he had once pissed in Louis's office. They both try to get a relief from their painful memories and then come to know that all these things have been started by Hardman.

Then they both work brilliantly together and also with the help of Jessica, they succeed in their case at the hearing and emerge victorious against Hardman. Hardman loses his cool when he tries hard to outwit them and break their case but in vain. Well, wait to see what would develop next in the series.

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