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How to Get a Business Visa for the Ukraine

    • 1). Ask your Ukrainian business contact to provide you with an original letter of invitation detailing the dates and nature of your visit; the Ukrainian Embassy does not impose this requirement on those who are from Canada, the U.S., Japan, Slovakia, and Turkey

      According to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC the letter must contain "the official address and telephone number typed in its letterhead, and signed by an authorized officer of the entity" you plan to visit. In addition, your invitation letter "must bear the entity's seal and be accompanied, when applicable, by a clear copy of its valid Certificate of Registration in Ukraine."

      The business entity you plan to visit must be legally recognized in the country.

    • 2). Get a 35 x 45 mm photograph taken of you.

    • 3). Download and complete the Visa Application Form, which you can obtain from the homepage of the Ukrainian Embassy. Make sure you thoroughly complete the application, making sure you sign and date the form.

    • 4). Affix your passport photograph in the marked space on your completed Visa Application form.

      Pay the visa-processing fee for your Business visa by making a money order payable to "The Embassy of Ukraine, Washington, DC." As of January 2010, the fee was USD $131 for 9-business day processing of your visa. The Ukrainian Embassy does not charge any visa-processing fee for United States citizens seeking a Business visa.

    • 5). Show proof of your re-admissibility to the United States by making a photocopy of your valid U.S. passport, U.S. Temporary Resident Card, employment authorization, or your valid U.S. Resident Alien Card.

    • 6). Mail your application materials, including your valid passport, to the consular office that has jurisdiction over your state of residence, as provided on the "Consular Offices of Ukraine in the USA" page of the Ukraine Embassy homepage.

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