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How to Cast to Your Target in Fly-Fishing

  • 1). Pick a target on the water where you'd like to direct your line.

  • 2). Think of the rotation of your arm in casting like that of a clock. Point the thumb of your hand gripping the rod at the target you want to hit and follow that through with the tip of your rod stopping at 11 o'clock.

  • 3). Aim a few feet above your target and let the fly land from there. Avoid a splash when your fly, leader and fly line hit the water, or you risk spooking the fish. You want all three to land naturally on the water at the same time.

  • 4). False cast (see "How to False Cast in Fly-Fishing" under Related eHows) a few times if your target is farther away and you can't get all of your line to it in one cast. This will keep your line off the water and away from spooking the fish until you get it to where you'd like to land.

  • 5). Be aware of your body position in relation to your target. If you need to change the direction of your cast to hit a new target, point your feet and shoulders in the direction you want to go and cast to that spot. If it is a large change of direction, move toward it gradually with a few false casts until you are facing it.

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