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How to Fade Dark Spots on Skin

Many things act as trigger for such concentrations; it can be something we cannot control like pollution, aging, hormones, genetic, menopause or pregnancy; or due to our bad habits of smoking or neglecting basic skin care regime.
Exposure to sun's radiation over a long period of time is another major reason for the appearance of these dark spots on skin.
But the good news is; there are many natural way of removing these age spots and most of them can be done in your home as well.
Their effectiveness will depend on how severe the spots are or how old they are.
On top of following these remedies, you should make the habit of putting on sunscreen at least half an hour before you go out.
To start your home remedies for removing dark spots on skin, you must see that these things are at hand: • Small bowl • Fork • Measuring cup • Old pillowcase • Orange • Aloe Vera gel • Tomato • Castor oil • Lime juice • Plain yogurt • Sugar crystals • Olive oil Now let's see how to use these ingredients as home remedies for age spots: One of the first treatments that you can do for getting rid of these dark spots on skin is orange treatment.
This fruit is a good bleaching agent and can repair these spots.
For that, simply mash an orange, you can use a tomato as well, in a bowl with a fork.
To it, add about 1/3 to 1/4th cup of Aloe Vera gel in its purest form.
You can also make a pulp of it.
Now apply this mixture on the spots for about 10 to 15 minutes.
The use of Aloe Vera will help you in getting rid of other skin problems as well.
The next easy home remedy for getting rid of liver spots is using castor oil on them.
This oil has some remarkable healing properties and can help to fade the dark spots within days.
The best time to apply them is just before going to bed and leaving it for the night.
One tip in this regard; use an old pillowcase to avoid staining your good ones when you put on the oil.
Combination of plain yogurt and lime juice is another great way to get rid of dark spots on skin.
You can apply this paste daily and watch your spots get fade away slowly.
Depending on how much yogurt you are using, you can use a full or a half lime.
This fruit also has the same bleaching property as that of oranges and tomatoes.
Warnings & Tips To prevent dark spots on skin from forming in the first place, always use a sunscreen.
Also make it a habit to exfoliate once every week to help cell renewal.
For that mix about half cup of sugar crystals with half or one third cup of olive oil or castor oil.
Now massage this into your skin till the crystals dissolve.
The crystals will remove the dead skin while the oil will make sure your skin does not get dry.
Lastly, make it a habit of wearing sunscreen, big hats and sunglasses every time you go out in sun.

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