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What Decor Matches a Bright Lemon Yellow Kitchen?

    Vintage Chic

    • A bright lemon yellow kitchen works wells as a base for a kitchen inspired by accessories and decor from the 1950s. You can pair lemon walls or cabinets with tomato red chairs or curtains for a sunny, vibrant look. Add vintage-looking small appliances such as toasters and mixers to give your kitchen an authentic '50’s feel. For even more color in your retro-looking kitchen, you can add pops of turquoise and green in colorful tablecloths and curtains purchased at flea markets or vintage stores. Larger appliances, such as a stove or refrigerator, painted in a luminous color add a large focal piece to your kitchen.


    • A tropical-inspired kitchen inspired by bright Caribbean colors works well with a lemon yellow base. You can complement the citrus yellow with other vibrant colors such as purple walls, light blue cabinets or ocean green accents throughout the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances set off the dynamic colors of this decor style. If this style appeals to you but is slightly vivacious for your taste, you can tone it down by adding lighter color shades along with creams and whites.

    Country Farm

    • You can make your kitchen look like a country farmhouse by mixing lemon yellow with a wood island, antique fixtures and a large farmhouse sink. Floors made from knotty pine can be left their natural color with a clear polyurethane coating, or you can paint your floors with a white and yellow checkerboard pattern for a soft country feeling. Give your kitchen even more country charm by adding curtains in soft whites with gentle ruffles and lace trims.

    Cottage Style

    • An informal, relaxed style works well with a cottage-style kitchen. Lemon yellow can form the base color for this style, which calls for accents of white beadboard cabinets, wide-plank hardwood floors, glass-front doors and soft textiles such as cotton or linen decorating the windows. Lighting in a cottage-style kitchen can go against the grain of standard kitchen lighting; chandeliers with fabric-covered shades and tables lamps are often seen in this style and can coordinate with your lemon-yellow color. Softer colors, such as blues, greens and whites, are often used as accent colors in a cottage-style kitchen.

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